Team coaching

While the definition of a team is “a group of players aligned on one side in a competitive game” we all know in today’s workplace a team can be much different. It can be a loosely organized group in a matrix environment, spread across time zones or a small group simply pulled in many directions by internal and external stakeholders. Bottom line: when one person feels out of sync, the rest of the group may feel it too. And if the group feels it, you can bet the outside world experiences it.

Why not treat your team to a fun and engaging professional development opportunity? A Gem Strategic Communications designed workshop will:

  • Help the team learn more about their own communication styles and how they might be perceived in the workplace or in the community
  • Provide members with an opportunity to practice delivering content in a safe setting and gain valuable feedback
  • Teach members how to invite good habits and wellness into their workday which ultimately improves the way they show up for professional opportunities

At the end of the workshop your team will be refreshed, focused and ready to practice good habits. You’ll have the comfort of knowing they will represent your organization well regardless of venue!

Custom events

In addition to in-office workshops I can also custom design, implement and lead a full day offsite for teams to immerse themselves in the wellness-communication experience. The first half day is spent working through individual communications audits then sharing and designing strategies for optimizing individual and group performance. Following lunch, participants will enjoy guest speakers chosen specifically for the team’s interests and needs, spanning health, wellness, mindfulness, fitness or productivity.