Team and group training workshops

What if your team could have fewer conflicts and they understood how to communicate with each other? What if your employees excelled in every client interaction? Sound impossible? It’s not!

Whether you manage a far-flung global team or a small and nimble group, or you have rising stars who are eager to take the next leap, a communication skill-building workshop can help your teams.

Let’s design a group or team training can help them gain:

  • A greater understanding of their own communication styles and how they might be perceived in the workplace or in the community
  • Valuable practice delivering content in a safe setting and hearing useful feedback
  • An awareness of how health, wellness and fitness can impact presentation skills and improve the way they show up for professional opportunities

At the end of the workshop your team will be refreshed, focused and ready to build new habits. You’ll have confidence they will represent your organization well regardless of venue!

Events can be done in the office or at a chosen offsite location. The first half of each workshop focuses on communication fundamentals and best practices with time for interactive participation. The second half provides attendees with guest speakers chosen specifically for the team’s interests and needs, spanning health, wellness, mindfulness, fitness or productivity.