Individual training

The communication habits and styles we develop throughout our early adulthood usually serve us well: when starting out in our first jobs we are affable, energetic and eager. We get promotions, we build networks and want to be seen as can-do colleagues. But, as our commitments increase and we take on new roles, we might need to adjust the way we show up: from the words we use to the listening tactics we employ to the way we recharge our own batteries.

I help emerging leaders uncover how to show up in the best possible way in their professional and personal lives. While I know we can’t do it all 100% of the time, I believe we are in total control of how we show up at work, at home and in the community. There’s no reason we can’t bring our best selves to the table every time we are invited.

Individuals who work with me will learn to identify:

  • Their individual and specific power places (when, where and how they communicate best) and triggers (where they likely stumble)
  • Ways to optimize what’s working and to correct what’s not
  • Work-arounds for when they just have to show up ready – even if they’d rather not!
  • How off-hours habits impact workday communications and how to infuse their professional life with general wellness principles

After completing the introductory package of three sessions, individuals can choose the frequency and format that works best. I work with individuals to address already identified issues, prepare for specific presentation or events or on a more regular basis.