Music to my ears

View from the Mindbody BOLD conference & expo

I had to include the above shot, even though it was grainy from my recently dropped phone. I can’t think of a better place from which to write a blog post! I was all prepared to share a post on resilience this week and then I heard Arianna Huffington’s keynote talk at this conference for entrepreneurs in the fitness and wellness industry. I knew I’d enjoy this event but when I heard the following line, I was hooked: “Now is the time for a wellness revolution. Corporate wellness is so focused on the downstream, addressing things we already have, what about upstream to focus on preventing it in the first place?”

That’s exactly the kind of thinking that led me to relaunch Gem Strategic Communications as a wellness-focused presentation skills offering. Hearing the opening remarks today I was reminded there’s so much more to this journey: it’s a bit of coaching, a bit of career advice, some community building and networking. Ultimately I want to bring similar content, thought leaders and methodologies I applied to my own work-life and wellness to you and others like you.

To that end, I’ll be organizing a few informal after-work gatherings to crowdsource ideas for Gem over the next few months in New York, Boston and Philadelphia and DC. If you’re interested please reach out!

I already have three pages of notes from BOLD for future blog posts ranging from how technology impacts communication (which I’ve covered here in a previous post), sleep, and the idea of an “entry interview” to set expectations on what kind of work-life management you need to be successful. That’s all from just this morning!

Before I switched up today’s focus I had planned to write a post on the topic of resilience which is a favorite of mine. I just finished reading Elise Mitchell’s Leading Through the Turn: How a Journey Mindset Can Help Leaders Find Success and Significance, and it really resonated with me for that reason.

I admire Elise’s business savvy, drive and vision. She’s a leader in the PR industry and among women entrepreneurs generally. She’s the kind of leader I aspire to be. In fact I’m pretty sure I Fan Girl-ed her at a conference to introduce myself and she proved to be gracious and generous with her time to a virtual stranger. We still keep in touch occasionally.

Her book details the building of her business and her eventual rise to the top of a global agency but more importantly her evolution from destination leader to a destination leader with a journey mindset. She presents the idea that you can still focus on the destination (the win, the outcome, the prize) while enjoying the journey, being present, and mindful. I believe that’s how you build resilience. The more things change, the more they … keep changing. Right? I’ve personally been through a ton of job changes and life changes in the last several years and I’m sure I’m not the only person. The less I focus on “Oh that’s not where I was supposed to be” and “Oh, let’s see where this goes!” the better I feel and the more prepared I am.

I can’t wait to keep up these posts over the next few months, there’s so much to share from this conference, Elise’s book and other topics. If you enjoyed today’s post please reach out or share.

Thanks for reading!